MEDIUM Wool Soaker Cover Brown Pattern with Sheep appliqué

MEDIUM Wool Soaker Cover Brown Pattern with Sheep appliqué

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100% recycled wool soaker cover, nappy cover.
Medium weight wool, great for day or night time use.
Wool Soaker Cover Brown Pattern with Sheep appliqué.
Made from soft merino wool sweater, carefully felted and refashioned into baby soaker cover/nappy cover.
Merino wool leg bands and merino wool double waist.
Extra layer of wool added in the wet zone.
All seams are serged.
Stretchable, practical, economical and a pleasant alternative to plastic covers. Wool shorties draw moisture away . . . help prevent nappy rashes . . . remain dry outside.
Soakers are washed but not lanolised.

About wool:
Wool can absorb lots of moisture without feeling wet.
Lanolising wool helps it resist moisture.
Wool breathes so it doesn’t get too hot or cold.
Wool does have an odor after washing but it goes away when it is dry.
Wool covers must be lanolised before use.
Wool covers only have to be washed about every two weeks unless they get soiled.

Odor resistant
Protects sensitive skin

Kidsgogreen collection
Waist: 38-48cm
Rise: 51cm ( extended rise)
Thigh: 23-28cm

Medium 6-12 month/6.5-12.5kg
Large 12-24 month/10-16kg