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Absolutely love these nappies! Their fit is amazing as a day nappy with the trifold, and also as a night nappy with the booster! The velcro is great for when we have grandparents babysit and need a good night fit. I can’t wait to get more!!

Trial Nappy pack 50% off

Dad Life
Desiree Harrington
Love love love!

Dad life is such a beautiful print. These nappies are literally bomb proof! The perfect night nappy for both my 2 year old and my 5 month old.

good nappies, boring designs

The nappies themselves are sturdy and really well fitting. Currently using them fully loaded as my night nappies with not one leak or blowout.
We are not very excited by the designs. Pretty boring to receive two in the trial pack, one plain coloured one that's a shade my nan would use as nail polish and the other a design of a mum doing mum things.

Gorgeous and absorbant

We recently found these nappies after swearing by another brand, but by gosh you have knocked it out of the park, the inserts fit so well and the double gusset hasn't failed ! Love the topper which can be all wicking jersey or fleece depending on preference.
All around love.

Amazing opportunity

This package is an amazing opportunity to trial these beautiful nappies! I am yet to give them a real workout but so far i am loving them!
I really wanted the blush set but got the teal set instead (luck of the draw) so now i have something to look forward to ordering next time!

Great versatile nappies

Love these nappies I've been using modern cloth nappies since 2010 on my children 11, 7 and just turned 1, I've used many different brands and Boutique bums got to be one of my favorites, each time I use them I grow to love them even more, they are great for day and night No leaks.

Love the inserts and really love the pocket!

The trifolds on their own are fantastic day nappies for my 19 month old who is a heavy wetter. Tried the trifold with the booster as a night nappy but wasn’t enough to contain the heavy wetter who also sleeps 11+ hours (so would need to add more boosting - which I’ve yet to try - if I wanted to use it as a night nappy at this stage. It’ll remain a backup night nappy if I run out of dedicated night nappies).

Absolutely love the pocket! I have variety of different nappies and always preferred not to use pocket nappies ... until we went on solids full time! Now I prefer pocket nappies but I also have a lot of nappy covers I love and work really well that don’t have pockets. So Boutique Bum’s pockets are the perfect solution. They make clean up so much easier and quicker (especially if you use trifolds or have multiple inserts!!)
Love the choice of being able to decide which side goes against baby’s bum: athletic wick or fleece. As much as I would prefer to use the athletic wick during the summer months, I find that it’s so much easier to clean soiled nappies when using the fleece side! I’ve also found that the fleece minimises soiled staining on the inserts compared to the athletic wick (but stains will come out with good wash routine regardless).

beautiful nappies

These are really beautiful nappies. The quality is really apparent in all the materials used. The pocket is very ingenious and allows the cover to be reused. The nappy naturally tacos and fits around bub, and the double gusset is very generous for boosting. Definitely recommend.

Wren & Robin
beautiful classy nappies

These are really beautiful nappies. The quality is really apparent in all the materials used. The pocket is very ingenious and allows the cover to be reused. The nappy naturally tacos and fits around bub, and the double gusset is very generous for boosting. Definitely recommend.

Thirsty Nappy!

These nappies are amazing. Such a nice fit, far less bulky than other leading night nappies that we have tried, and super thirsty! We have had no leaks, and my 1y old can still walk, climb, sit etc which she can’t do in the bulkier nappies we have used. I have swapped all of our night nappies to BB, very impressed :)

Versatile nappy for any need.

This was my second order. Quick response, combine order postage refund is fabulous. The nappies came in a nice box, that had beautiful engravings with logo. Cute soft environmental packaging and with a small boonus hand band(thank you)

The nappy keeps a good shape with inserts in, due to enloged front and back panels that keep inserts right inside and makes your nappy more stable and less floppy. The inner pocket is removable and the suface could be choosen fleece or AWJ(first saving). You have to buy and use reusable liners in other brands, BB nappy already comes with it. You buy one nappy and you can remove or add velcro option. Great option to have( again save $ save$). Comes with written latest instructions how to wash the nappy
We tryed to put nappy on my son after swimming lesson and he was standing and it, fits quickly and easy due to ergonomical design that keeps shape.( do not know any other designs that do this)
I have bought the extra pockets so I was able to reuse the cover 3 times (saving washing $) I was able to use nappy with snaps (left hand user snaps or right hand side snaps, you choose) Nappies are worth trying. Great value for money, versatile design, easy to fit once you work the best fit for your child they sit lower I had to get use to it. Comfortable to ware. Cute colors.Very absorband. Inserts do not take long time to dry.Leak proved.
Cons: Could be fiddly to fit first few times. May seem more expensive to buy.

Great colour and love the pocket!

Love the colour! Inserts absorb really well (I have a 17 month old) and I love the pocket!!! Makes clean up of poo so much easier

Wren & Robin
Sophie Purvis
The nappy of my dreams

These nappies are literally a dream come true. To be able to go between snaps & velcro, AWJ & micro fleece, day & night, a removable pocket... Sarah has thought of it all. Not to mention they practically put themselves on with how easy they are to fit! These nappies are so beautifully made and the materials used are of high quality. The inserts are incredibly soft even after multiple washes and being line dried. My 20 month - 12kg boy has grown out of some of our other OSFM nappies but I can confidently see these nappies taking us through until toilet training with the generous sizing, but would also be suitable for small babies/newborns with the versatile snap/insert options. They are truely amazing, I wish I had more!

Emily Lund
Top quality

Awesome great absorbency and love the set up quality is second to none and customer service is amazeballs. so soft also weather line dryed or dryer

Mai P
Perfect Night Nappy

I bought Blue Mist and Rust. Tried out on my 15 month old boy, tummy sleeper, heavy wetter and I love them. Hes 185cm and 12kg, so tall and chubby.
Colour - stunning!
Fit - love the firm and gentle elastics around legs, the wide elastic at the back, and the elastics for front and back flaps inside the shell to contain the inserts
Ease of use - hubby put it on in 1 minute at night. The single row of snaps at the waist and pocket hybrid style makes it easy for him. When the inserts are loose (not contained) and there are many snaps at the waist, hubby really struggles. I simply fold the anchor booster into thirds, placed in wet zone on top of trifold and stuff those In the pocket, then stuffed in the shell.
Sizing - very generous. We are 1 snap riser down from the top and plenty of room to grow into at the waist
Absorbancy - we got 11hours overnight, no leaks. I will fold the trifold to increase absorbancy in the wet zone as well as folding the booster into thirds.
Love the triple gussets, have never seen in it in other brands. The inserts dry so fast and remain extremely soft. Hard to fault this nappy. It's been thoughtfully designed.

Rosemary Santiago Pinero

Gorgeous gorgeous colour. Great and thirsty inserts.

Blue Mist

The inserts are softer than clouds, the fit is gorgeous & the absorbency is fantastic.
We love <3

Wren & Robin
Love the fit 😍

Beautiful print aside the nappy tacos itself. We have taken to using this nappy as our night nappy because it’s a lot more trim than our others and it actually naturally gets a leg seal - also after sleeping on this all night it contained a massive poosplosion these nappies are bomb proof

Super thirsty inserts

We chucked them straight on the bum for night time after one single wash and my bub being a heavy wetter was soaked front to back but no leaks and they are so good the next wash they weren’t completely soaked and they seem to just keep getting better and better

Brittany Graham
Fabulous, Easy Fit

So easy to fit! Love the option of snaps or Velcro, great for dad fits!!