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Boutique Bums handmade Grow With Me (GWM) woolies are Upcycled from 100% Australian vintage wool blankets, cotton Lycra waist and leg bands and 100% cotton fabrics.  Grow with me pants are pants that can fit for several sizes and ‘grow with’ your baby. The waist band rolls down for the smallest size and you unroll the band as baby grows. Similarly, the pant legs roll into cuffs for the smallest size and you can unroll the cuffs as baby gets taller.


These incredible GWM Woolies are made to fit from 6 months to 3+ years! GWM woollies can be used as pants or shorts and also as a nappy cover for fitted nappies, flats and prefolds or even over a PUL nappy for an added protection.  AND they don’t require lanolising unless you have a VERY heavy wetter! #winning


You also have the option to add a snap in wool booster to double the waterproofing and absorbency.  These are sold separately.

Boutique Bums GWM woolies can be aired out between uses unless soiled or smelly.  Wool is a natural breathable fibre and has antibacterial properties.  Natural lanolin found in the wool makes it anti microbial so if you wash and treat with lanolin and then wash infrequently these properties will stay in the wool.  When you do need to do a wash, a simple wool wash (no higher than 40 degrees and low spin; 800rpm) cycle in the machine with enzyme free wash liquid will suffice.  You can also add fabric softener or gentle hair conditioner if you want to make them softer (if needed).

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