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Bam Bams by Bubblebubs are the ultimate fitted nappy for your bub! These gloriously soft, bamboo / cotton blend nappies are shaped to fit your precious new baby and do up with a Snappi to give you ultimate flexibility in fit. Fitted nappies require a cover to make them waterproof but are super breathable on a hot day without one.


  • 2kgs - 8kg.On the average bub, this is somewhere between 4-6 months.


  • Bam Bams are made from 2 layers of thick and lush bamboo terry, the whole nappy is not only super absorbent but because it doesn't have any snaps or velcro it moulds to fit a newborn perfectly.
  • They close with a snappi giving a much better fit than a snap or touch tape closure. If you aren't a fan of snappi's that's ok, when your baby is young they don't move around very much so you can use the cover to close them.
  • As bambams are fitted nappies they do require a cover, it’s recommended to use a PUL or wool cover. A fitted nappy and cover will contain anything your baby can throw at it!

You can purchase a variety of covers and snappies separately.