Boutique Bands

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Boutique Bands

Boutique Bands have been made to spread positivity and kindness to ourselves, and kindness to others.

We believe kind words can change the world, which is why every Boutique Band we make is reversible. On one side you'll find exclusive art by our very talented artists. On the other side you'll find words of encouragement. Wear the words on the inside when they're just for you, wear them on the outside when it's something you want to be reminded of each time you look down.

The bands are designed to match the Boutique Cloth Nappy range, and are made to be form fitting and are a stretch to fit design.

Size 175mm - Fits wrists 140mm to 185mm


Stories behind the bands


Kangaroo Cuddles

“After having a baby at 27 weeks gestation, we spent a long scary 3 months in the NICU. On this journey, one of the only things we could do for our baby was Kangaroo Cares. Kangaroo cares/cuddles aka skin-to-skin is truly magical and I believe it helped myself and my Husband, just as much as our wee Ollie.”

If you're able to, Kangaroo Care is one of the best things you can do for your baby and yourself!

Artwork exclusively illustrated by Jasmine Illustrations.


Mum Life

Our Mum Life design captures snippets of REAL mum life, the highs and lows. Parenting is a raw rollercoaster of emotions, everyone’s journey is so different and unique to them. They don’t handout an instruction manual as you leave the hospital, so embrace the perfectly imperfect moments. Every child is a unique individual, as are we and our parenting styles. 

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child… Living in digital times, we have a village at the tips of our fingers. We're on the most important journey we will ever take, so let's lift each other up along the way.

Artwork exclusively illustrated by Jasmine Illustrations.




Wren & Robin

Sometimes we start with one idea for a picture, song or story, but once we begin it starts to change shape. Fairy Wren’s message similar to any parent, is to have fun watching your creations grow into whatever they want to become. Remember to dance with whatever comes up along the way. 

Artwork exclusively illustrated by The Pleasantry.

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