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How to select your band, wool, & patch prints.

To order custom woolies you must be a member of Boutique Bums VIP Group

1. Select your bands choice by going to - Band Selection

2. Take note of the number.

3. Select your wool choice by going to - Wool Selection

4. Take note of the number.

5. Select your patch choice by going to - Patch Selection

6. Take note of the number.

7. After selecting product, size & patches proceed to cart to check out.

8. In your cart there is a notes section, leave a comment with your band, wool & patch selection i.e. Band - 3, Wool 15, Patch 7

*Add a Wool Booster or Lanolin to your order for extra protection

If you're unable to find the notes section in your cart when checking out, look at the picture provided.

* Please note there is a 2-4 week production time on custom orders.

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