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Natural Fibres.  Luxurious.  Most Absorbent.  Trim.  Versatile. 

3 layers of 360gsm Hemp/Cotton lined with 1 layer of 230gsm Bamboo Velour

Inserts - 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton

Topper - 45% Bamboo, 35% Cotton, 20% Polyester 


The perfect insert combination; Hemp/cotton – Most absorbent & Bamboo Velour – Fast absorbing. Our insert design has been developed to make your cloth nappy experience simple and effective. With endless configurations and interchangeable layers, you will find a perfect setup for all stages; newborn through to toilet training.
The versatility of the inserts, means they can be used for days AND nights!



Super absorbent trifold, with precision guidelines to make folding different configurations easier. The trifold is a rectangular shape, enabling it to be folded on the long or short side, by doing this you get complete coverage on all rise setting. When folded, different folds can give 12-24 layers of absorbency, and that’s before you add the booster!



The perfect booster. This anchor is designed to boost without bulk! Its shape enables you to add an extra 4 layers of absorptions (more if folded). Its shape and size is petite, plush and powerful. It can be configured with the larger part of the insert body either forward or rear facing, whichever suits your baby’s wetting needs. Newborns will typically only require the anchor until their output increases, making it lovely and trim, even on the smallest of baby’s.   



The first of its kind. The pocket is made using athletic wicking jersey and microfleece, with large opening for stuffing and encased elastics which creates a triple leg gusset. Our pocket is a little pillowcase for your inserts, which keeps the inserts perfectly in place, while providing a soft stay-dry layer for your little one.

Customer Reviews

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Best inserts

I have tried so many brands of inserts and these are by far the best quality and softness!

Love the inserts and really love the pocket!

The trifolds on their own are fantastic day nappies for my 19 month old who is a heavy wetter. Tried the trifold with the booster as a night nappy but wasn’t enough to contain the heavy wetter who also sleeps 11+ hours (so would need to add more boosting - which I’ve yet to try - if I wanted to use it as a night nappy at this stage. It’ll remain a backup night nappy if I run out of dedicated night nappies).

Absolutely love the pocket! I have variety of different nappies and always preferred not to use pocket nappies ... until we went on solids full time! Now I prefer pocket nappies but I also have a lot of nappy covers I love and work really well that don’t have pockets. So Boutique Bum’s pockets are the perfect solution. They make clean up so much easier and quicker (especially if you use trifolds or have multiple inserts!!)
Love the choice of being able to decide which side goes against baby’s bum: athletic wick or fleece. As much as I would prefer to use the athletic wick during the summer months, I find that it’s so much easier to clean soiled nappies when using the fleece side! I’ve also found that the fleece minimises soiled staining on the inserts compared to the athletic wick (but stains will come out with good wash routine regardless).

Emily Lund
Top quality

Awesome great absorbency and love the set up quality is second to none and customer service is amazeballs. so soft also weather line dryed or dryer

Super thirsty inserts

We chucked them straight on the bum for night time after one single wash and my bub being a heavy wetter was soaked front to back but no leaks and they are so good the next wash they weren’t completely soaked and they seem to just keep getting better and better

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