Little Lily Cloth Pad 10" Heavy

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This set of pads are topped with cotton Lycra, have bamboo/cotton fleece cores and a waterproof softshell backing. 

All pads will have kam snaps on the wings at 2 adjustable width settings.

All fabrics are prewashed before use and final products are washed again before packaging.

- If you are unsure of what size and absorbency you should go for, look at something closest to the disposable versions you have been using.
- There are no stupid questions, please feel free to inbox me with any queries.
- The pretty print side is worn against your body and the black fleece side goes against your underwear.
- It is recommended to change your pad every 3-4 hours. Wear snug cotton underwear to keep it from shifting around.

- I truly enjoy sewing these little intimate items and make put a lot of love and care into crafting each one. I try make each each one as perfectly as possible but please don't forget they are handmade and may have tiny imperfections. 
- I use a number of different patterns and often mix and match between them for a desired shape and function. 
- They are a healthier choice, for us and our planet.
- You can customize the length and core absorbancy to whatever your heart desires and they are far more comfortable than any disposable i have ever tried.

- Dont ever rinse or soak in hot water as it will set the stains.
- Rinse used pads with cold water until the water runs clear. 
- Store in a wetbag until wash day, you may soak them prior to washing in cold water or a gentle stain remover. 
- Wash in a normal machine cycle (can be added to your normal laundry as long as no fabric softner is used).
- Line dry or machine dry on warm (the higher the absorbency the longer the cores take to dry).