Maeve Meadow by Sub Rosa

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These stunning Sub Rosa cloth nappies are lovingly handmade by a work at home mum to the highest quality.


• Gorgeous hand chosen prints
• Waterproof PUL outer shell
• Stay dry microfleece lining
• 10mm leg elastics with wide which are gentle on little legs
• Ai2 nappy


  • All nappies come with a long anchor insert that can be doubled, plus a small booster.
  • 500g bamboo fleece snake insert and 500g bamboo boosters
  • Inserts are topped with microfleece to help keep bubs feeling dry
  • Inserts are designed to lay in the shell for quick changes and reassembling

Sub Rosa Cloth Nappies come in three different size cuts and also a newborn size.

Below are the different sizes available.


  • LOSFM - Rocketbottom

This is a very large One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappy to fit approximately 3.5kg to 18kg.  
Easy to fit with a single row of waist snaps.  Not suitable for very petite children.


  • LOSFM - Flex

This is a large One Size Fits Most (LOSFM) nappy to fit approximately 3.5kg to 19kg.  

A big nappy and great for chunky kids.  Double row waist snaps.


  • OSFM - Flawless

This One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappy is great for slim babies as it is a trim fitting nappy, to fit approximately 3.5kg to 14kg.

Double row waist snaps.


  • Newborn

This newborn nappy is super cute with a single row of snaps and a two layer 500g bamboo long insert.

Fits approximately 3kg to 6.5kg


Due to fabric scale, nappies may vary in print placement to those pictured.