Wren & Robin

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Wren & Robin


Story behind Wren & Robin

Sometimes we start with one idea for a picture, song or story, but once we begin it starts to change shape. Fairy Wren’s message similar to any parent, is to have fun watching your creations grow into whatever they want to become. Remember to dance with whatever comes up along the way. 

Artwork exclusively illustrated by The Pleasantry.



Boutique Bums cloth nappies are the ULTIMATE FUSION of cloth nappies.
Our S.T.A.R design can be used as a PocketAll in Two and/or Tuck & Wipe. 


We have created the perfect cloth nappy to make it simple for everyone. It's as easy as, tuck your inserts into the nappy shell, put it on and away you go. The nappy has been designed to almost put itself on. You can then, simply remove the soiled inserts from the shell, wipe it out (unless soiled), add fresh inserts.


Insert Combinations 

Anchor Booster = Newborn 

Anchor Booster x2 = Light wetter 

Trifold = Daytime & Light to Moderate Nights

Trifold + Booster = Moderate to Heavy Nights

Trifold + 2 Anchor Booster = Very Heavy Nights




In-depth Details



removable reversible pocket made using athletic wicking jersey and microfleece, large opening for stuffing and encased elastics which creates a triple leg gusset. Our pocket is a little pillowcase for your inserts, which keeps the inserts perfectly in place, while providing a soft stay-dry layer for your little one.



Place your pocket or inserts under the internal front and rear tuck flaps. The tuck gussets hug and holds the inserts in place, while providing an extra leakproof barrier.



Featuring four rise snaps, allowing for a larger size range and flexibility in customisation. Further to this, you can choose to snap the hook & loop adaptors on, or off for that perfect fit.



The shell is wipeable, so you can simply add a fresh pocket/inserts and reuse the shell, until soiled. A minimalist system is a cost-effective solution to cloth nappies. Added bonus, you get to enjoy the beautiful prints/solids for longer.



Never choose between ‘hook & loop OR snaps’ again, because Boutique Bums cloth nappies come with BOTH! We have created a revolutionary interchangeable design, that enables you to simply snap the hook & loop on or off. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the closure of their cloth nappies, and sometimes there is a need for both. Whether it be for Day-care, your other half, the Grandparents or simply because your little one is in between sizes, in a fussy changing phase.

It can be expensive to purchase a whole new collection of nappies, therefore, we created our Universal Closure, so that your nappies can adapted to your family’s needs as required.

Another reason we created a removable hook & loop closure, is we personally do not like it catching and curling in the washing… With our design, you simply snap it off for washing and snap back on when you need them.



Natural Fibres.  Luxurious.  Most Absorbent.  Trim.  Versatile. 

3 layers of 360gsm Hemp/Cotton lined with 1 layer of 230gsm Bamboo Velour

Inserts - 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton

Topper - 45% Bamboo, 35% Cotton, 20% Polyester 


The perfect insert combination; Hemp/cotton – Most absorbent & Bamboo Velour – Fast absorbing. Our insert design has been developed to make your cloth nappy experience simple and effective. With endless configurations and interchangeable layers, you will find a perfect setup for all stages; newborn through to toilet training.
The versatility of the inserts, means they can be used for days AND nights!



Super absorbent trifold, with precision guidelines to make folding different configurations easier. The trifold is a rectangular shape, enabling it to be folded on the long or short side, by doing this you get complete coverage on all rise setting. When folded, different folds can give 12-24 layers of absorbency, and that’s before you add the booster!



The perfect booster. This anchor is designed to boost without bulk! Its shape enables you to add an extra 4 layers of absorptions (more if folded). Its shape and size is petite, plush and powerful. It can be configured with the larger part of the insert body either forward or rear facing, whichever suits your baby’s wetting needs. Newborns will typically only require the anchor until their output increases, making it lovely and trim, even on the smallest of baby’s.   



The first of its kind. The pocket is made using athletic wicking jersey and microfleece, with large opening for stuffing and encased elastics which creates a triple leg gusset. Our pocket is a little pillowcase for your inserts, which keeps the inserts perfectly in place, while providing a soft stay-dry layer for your little one.



Customer Reviews

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beautiful classy nappies

These are really beautiful nappies. The quality is really apparent in all the materials used. The pocket is very ingenious and allows the cover to be reused. The nappy naturally tacos and fits around bub, and the double gusset is very generous for boosting. Definitely recommend.

Sophie Purvis
The nappy of my dreams

These nappies are literally a dream come true. To be able to go between snaps & velcro, AWJ & micro fleece, day & night, a removable pocket... Sarah has thought of it all. Not to mention they practically put themselves on with how easy they are to fit! These nappies are so beautifully made and the materials used are of high quality. The inserts are incredibly soft even after multiple washes and being line dried. My 20 month - 12kg boy has grown out of some of our other OSFM nappies but I can confidently see these nappies taking us through until toilet training with the generous sizing, but would also be suitable for small babies/newborns with the versatile snap/insert options. They are truely amazing, I wish I had more!

Love the fit 😍

Beautiful print aside the nappy tacos itself. We have taken to using this nappy as our night nappy because it’s a lot more trim than our others and it actually naturally gets a leg seal - also after sleeping on this all night it contained a massive poosplosion these nappies are bomb proof

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