Sew Sweet Creations Cloth Pad 12" Heavy

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Choose heavy pads if…

  • You have a heavy flow.
  • Typically use super absorbency disposable pad

Which size is for me?

Sew Sweet Creation cloth pads are stoked in the following sizes:

10” (25cm) closer in length to your regular/super disposable pad.

12” (30cm) similar length to an overnight and maternity disposable pad.

14" (35cm) similar to 12" with added length for extra protection, great for overnight use.

The best way to decide what size is for you is to measure what you currently use as a disposable and see which size would be best for your needs :)


Hand dyed bamboo Velour topped, hidden PUL and corduroy backed.

BLACK ribbon: overnight/postpartum (3 layers 500gsm bamboo and 2 layers of flannel)

RED ribbon: heavy (2 layers 500gsm bamboo)

GREEN ribbon: regular (1 layer 500gsm bamboo, 2 layers of flannel)

BLUE ribbon: light (1 layer 500gsm bamboo)

WHITE ribbon: liner (2 layers of flannel)


*Pattern placement may vary from picture