Sub Rosa Cloth Pad 8" Light Front Flow

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Sub Rosa cloth pads are made using a soft cotton Lyra topper with super cute prints, bamboo fleece and flannel core and a soft shell fleece backing which is water proof and prevents slipping. They have a standard 2.5” snap width.

Choose Light pads if…

  • You normally wear a liner for every day wear.
  • You have light flow.
  • Typically use standard disposable liners.
  • Have light bladder leakage when you sneeze or laugh (happens to the best of us!).

Which size is for me?

Sub Rosa cloth pads are stoked in the following sizes:

8" (20cm) which is a closer in length to a liner, great for teens and women who don’t like the extra length.

10” (25cm) closer in length to your regular/super disposable pad.

12” (30cm) similar length to an overnight and maternity disposable pad.

The best way to decide what size is for you is to measure what you currently use as a disposable and see which size would be best for your needs :)

Pattern placement may vary from stock image