Sub Rosa Flowzie 10" Moderate

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Feel protected with Sub Rosa Flowzies!

Designed with you in mind, Flowzies are the perfect accompaniment to whatever menstrual product you prefer to use.

Comfortable handmade boy short style underwear with built in absorbency, Flowzies are perfect for that extra layer of protection for cup and tampon users, Pads, or on their own to support you through bladder leakage, ovulation, light to moderate flows, security when you know your period is due, and that awkward stage at the end of your period when a pad, cup or tampon is more than you need.

Easy to care for, simply cold rinse until water runs clear and then wash as normal, or with your cloth pads or nappies!

Say goodbye to your ugly “period undies”, and feel comfortable AND beautiful with Flowzies.