Upcycled Wool Nappy Cover One Size FIts Most Black with Seahorse Applique/Navy Blue and Lavender

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Luxurious, soft woolie wrap-One size fits most babies.
Made from upcycled wool.
Two full layers of wool. Medium weight cover. Great cover for heavy wetters.
Copy of Upcycled Wool Nappy Cover One Size FIts Most Black with Captain America Applique/Navy Blue.
Both were lightly felted before refashion into baby nappy cover.
Advantage of this wrap is that it has many snapping positions, so it will fit your baby for long period of time and saving you some money.
Wool covers are very popular with cloth nappies.
Adjustable waist snaps and rise snaps.
Wool nappy cover is very breathable with antibacterial properties and natural ability to hold moisture.
Wool is self cleaning after lanolising (naturally urine reacts with lanolin) and is forming soap. This will keep your wool cover clean for 2-3 weeks.
After then, you will need to gently wash or re-lanolise again.
This cover is bullet proof, great for nighttime wear.

Wool wrap is one size fitted nappy with adjustable waist and rise snaps.

Fits babies 4.5-16 kg.

Waist: 33cm - 63.5cm
Leg opening: 15cm - 38cm
Rise: 48cm